Sunday, June 19, 2016

Roses, Roses, Roses

A grand rose show this season, and life is good. Welcome to my garden. My "Ladies" are so happy to see you.


Tiddle Winks

Remember Me in bud

Out of the Blue

Just Joey

Hot Cocoa

Pink Peace Rose

Persian Yellow

Betty Boop

Ingrid Bergman


Remember Me in bloom



Morden Blush

Ruby Ruby

Morden Ruby

Just Joey with Friends

Neon Cowboy

Peace Rose

Dark Lady

Antique Red Climber

Update On Red Rose Growing With My Hybrid Tea "Neptune"

 All of my brilliant friends who suggested that she is root stock coming from below the graft are, according to the University, absolutely correct. Rose growers in Colorado are advised to bury the graft one to two inches below ground to protect it from freeze. I have always done this; consequently, I wouldn't see her below the graft.
My grand friend, David, is also correct in his assertion that she is most likely "rosa gallica" some of the oldest rose stock known. As she was brought to England by my ancient ancestors - the Romans - I shall allow her to grow in honor of their gardening skill for this season at least. Thank you all.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Something Really Interesting

I have seen many interesting things in my years of gardening, some 50 plus. However, this season something really remarkable has happened. On my hybrid tea rose, Neptune, a series of little red roses are emerging from her canes. I have no idea how this has occurred. Neptune's parentage is listed below. There isn't a red on her direct line. I have written to the experts at Colorado State University. Below are pictures of Neptune with her little red rose, and a close up of the rose.
Parentage: (Blueberry Hill x Stephen's Big Purple) x Blue Nile