Monday, May 14, 2012

Red Victorian Climber

This is the Red Victorian Climber, sister to the Pink that I previously posted.  These roses are very old, dating back to the Victorian period from which they take their name.  The red’s scent is soft and sweet, and her color is a deep crimson.  She will open flat in the tradition of some other English roses.
As I said before, climbing roses don't climb - they have no way to climb without tendrils - instead they have incredibly strong growth habits and simply grow into and through things.  This lady will be bloomed and deadheaded by the end of June and will not bloom again until next year.
Both the pink and the red must be trimmed and sculpted throughout the season in order for them to live with other roses.  They are perfectly capable of taking over an entire garden.  Once their blooming is finished I will trim them back and watch them throughout the summer.

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