Thursday, March 9, 2017


I am watering today. I am afraid Spring is here. Its early, too warm and Goddess help us if a heavy snow and/or serious freeze occurs. Early tulips are coming on strong. Crocus and the dwarf iris are opening quickly. These latter two enjoy the cold, and often bloom in snow. Still in all, the season is early. If this is the course of this year, the onset of summer and its heat could be rapid and unprecedented.
It is time to put aside everything save the care of the Earth. The gardening occupations to which I am committed throughout the season promise to be busy and richly rewarding this year. The Colorado Master Gardeners, the Shakespeare Gardens and my own many roses and perennials will take up a great deal of my time.
It is about beauty after all. In that spirit, as I step out into an early - in more ways then one - Spring afternoon while sensing the Summer approaching in the gentle breeze, may I present the elegant and graceful Delphinium. This is the Court Series; King Arthur (royal purple), Sir Galahad (white) and Queen Guinevere (lavender). There is a fourth, Sir Lancelot who is bright red, and sadly not in my garden.

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