Saturday, April 4, 2015

Colorado Shakespeare Gardens

Starting next week I will begin to post pictures from inside the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens which I have the honor of helping to tend and nurture. They are located on the Colorado University campus at Boulder, just outside the theater where the Bard’s plays are performed.  I believe as many do that Shakespeare was a master gardener, and it is possible to extrapolate from anyone of his plays a list of highly significant plants.  The ones that will thrive here on the High Plains at the foot of the Mighty Rocky Mountains are acquired each year and placed in gardens commemorating individual works.

Many years of reading, studying and watching these magnificent plays have taught me that Shakespeare held nature – what some call his Green World – to be a standard of the highest and most sublime excellence.  Indeed, it is a touch stone by which he measured the value and absurdity of the human condition.  I hope you will enjoy looking at these beautifully constructed and lovingly cared for gardens as much as I enjoy being near them.  In my opinion they are a fitting tribute to the greatest body of work in the English language.

Today’s photos are from my gardens by way of expressing my absolute devotion to and complete agreement with William Shakespeare.

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